Pushing The Young Too Break?

Younger sports have taken a step forward in the competitive field, but at what cost?

Growing up sports have been centered around my entire life. I was overwhelmed with soccer from kindergarten to about sixth grade.  In sixth grade started baseball and basketball as well, which left me with three sports that consumed a lot of my time as a young boy.

Now a days young boys aren’t even allowed to have the privilege I had of playing three sports. I’m a select soccer coach and I had two kids at the beginning of this year who were incredibly skilled let me know that they wouldn’t be playing again because of baseball.

So why was I surprised?

There does come a time were a kid has to make a commitment to one sport because in middle school  sport seasons overlap. This first happened for myself when I entered middle school. Baseball and soccer seasons took place at the same time. I tried out for both teams making both, but the coaches had to sit me down and make me decide between the two. I made my decision at 13 to play baseball and leave soccer behind and it has haunted me ever since. For a nine-year old to make that decisions so early seems like an awful mistake.

  • Playing multiple sports gives you a more diverse friend group
  • Gives your more knowledge of each sport
  • Choosing so early can burn bridges of going back to a sport
  • Playing one sport through an early age gives chance for an early burnout

The worst part about this process is most of these kids are in their preteen age and they are still trying to figure out who they are. So the decision is usually influenced by parents or friends. The unfortunate part about this is most parents push their kids towards something that the parents want to see them play. I can not stress h

Kixx Soccer

Kixx Soccer

ow much I see this as a coach. A lot of parents seem to try to live a legacy through their kids, which as a coach I can say is the biggest disservice. For more tips about kids sports path click here.


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